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Goddessy Isn't Just The Journey To Having A Healthier Scalp And Hair. It's Also The Journey To Allowing More Self Love And Treating Ourselves Properly. As Long As We Care For Ourselves Completely Through Diet, Lifestyle, And The Products We Use, We Are Able To Be Our Best Selves.


How it all started

I Have Always Enjoyed My Career As A Hairdresser.  But I Didn't Always Know I Was Going To Do Hair.  In The Summer Of 2004, I Started Going To Beauty School.  I Really Enjoyed It.  It Was Social, Fun, And Hands On.  My Third Day Into School, We Did Patch Tests Of Hair Color Behind Our Ears.  Another Spot Hairdressers Use For Patch Tests Is On The Inside Of The Elbow Because These Two Areas Are Sensitive Parts Of The Body.  By The End Of The Day, My Ear Started Turning Red And Getting Very Warm To The Touch.  And By The Next Morning, Behind My Ear I Had Water Blisters And Was Also Scabbing Up On My Ear.  I Had No Idea This Was Not Common Until I Got To School And I Was The Only One Who Had A Reaction.  I Didn't Know What To Feel Or Expect Out Of Beauty School Now.  Doing Hair Seemed Like So Much Fun And I Hadn't Even Thought About Nails Or Skin.  Throughout My Time In School, I Dabbled With Nails & Nail Art But Couldn't Grasp Creating Acrylics.  Skin Care Was Okay But Not Thrilling Enough.  (Except For The Extractions, Of Course. Hehe)  So, I Went Back Into Playing With Hair.  I Love It!!  I Have Even Made Color My Specialty For Such A Long Time In My Career.  My Allergy Had Always Been Manageable When Behind The Chair.  I've Definitely Colored My Own Hair And Gone Through The Risks And Consequences.  If I Color My Hair, I Get Blisters All Over My Scalp And My Face Swells Up So Badly It Looks Deformed.  No Joke.  Over The Last Few Years My Allergy Has Gotten A Little Worse In The Sense That My Hands And Arms Will Itch For A Few Days After Coloring A Guest's Hair Even If I Wear Gloves.  My Hands And Arms Usually Didn't React Too Bad.

          In 2014, I Started Getting More Interested In Cannabis And It's Healing Effects.  I Read A Lot About CBD And Started Wondering What Would Happen If I Took CBD Or Used It Topically If It Would Help My Allergy.  My Entire Career, I've Pondered How I Would Find A Way To Color Hair Without A Reaction And Still Enjoy The Brands That I Use On My Guests.  Not Only For Me, But This Could Help So Many Other People Who Get Reactions From Coloring Hair.  I Was So Lucky To Come Across Ananda Hemp.  An Honest, CBD Company That Has The Full Spectrum And Grows Their Hemp As Organic As Possible In Kentucky.  Everything Is 100% Legal Since It Is Hemp Derived.  They Were So Kind To Gift Me My First Bottle And That's When I Started Playing With It.  I Took It Orally After Coloring Hair One Day, And Got No Reactions!  I've Even Taken It Orally After A Reaction Has Occurred And Any Itching Or Bumps I Get, Go Away After 10 Minutes!! Same Goes For If I Use Goddess Oil Topically After A Reaction.  Cannabis Is Just One Plant, Yet It Helps Soooo Many Ailments.  

      Throughout My Site, You'll Learn The Wonderful Benefits Of CBD And What It Can Do For You, Your Health, And Your Hair.  

This Has Been My Goddessy...

What's Your Goddessy And How Will It Change Your Hair Health? 


                       Light And Happiness,  Brittany


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