5 Creative Ways For Your Family To Get Active This Spring Season

Do you like to keep your children busy during the spring and summer months? Instilling smart habits in your family now, such as healthy eating and regular exercise, can be the difference between a good future and a bad one. This year, take advantage of these five unique activities to keep your offspring, and yourself, active without boring and repetitive workout sessions.

However, keep one thing in mind: It’s okay for you and your partner to set aside some time for yourselves. While family time is always super important, kicking back and relaxing or scheduling a date night by hiring a babysitter for the evening could work wonders for everyone. If you find your energy levels starting to drop and your patience running a little thin, take a moment to step back and appreciate everything you have!

Backyard Football Games

Whether or not your children play sports or understand professional football, backyard football games can be exhilarating, healthy, and friendly. Rather than playing traditional tackle or two-hand touch, consider playing flag football. This is generally the safest way for families to play unsupervised. For a slightly more competitive game with older children, consider playing two-hand touch. You can learn more about touch football rules for kids through Livestrong.

Capture the Flag Sessions

“Capture the Flag” is a game often played in school gymnasiums and on playgrounds. In this game, there are two teams. Each team hides a flag (this could be a handkerchief or a rag) within agreed-upon boundaries. Once hidden, the playing field must be divided into two halves. Each half should be assigned to a team. When the clock starts, each team is responsible for capturing the flag of the other team and bringing it over the borderline. The catch? Once a player crosses the enemy line to collect a flag, he or she can be “tagged out” by a member of the other team. In some versions, this player is removed permanently from the game. In less competitive games, tagged players “sit out” for two minutes.

You can read more about the game through Kidz World. If your children aren’t interested in playing “Capture the Flag,” you can get the same exercise by taking them laser tagging. 

Downtown Scavenger Hunts

Are you looking for a creative and unique way to keep your family active this spring? Consider developing scavenger hunts for local areas, such as the beach, a schoolyard, downtown, or the library. In each scavenger hunt, make a list of 15 to 20 items. These items could be specific, like a logo for a favorite restaurant. They could also be vague, like an oak tree. For more fun, split into teams. The first team to find all of the items on the list wins. 

This project can be especially fun in a shopping mall. Remember to use the buddy system, and never let young children wander unattended. To ensure that everyone is playing fair, consider developing a method of credibility, such as writing the name of the store in which an item was found or taking a photo of each item. Scavenger Hunt Fun offers some great tips.

Afternoons by The Beach

Maybe you want something more simple and less organized. In this case, consider taking your children to the beach for an afternoon. Even if the water isn’t swimming-ready, you can build sand castles, toss around a frisbee, or have a water balloon fight. You can also play volleyball or enjoy a local playground.

Bike Races

If all else fails, consider engaging your children in a bike race. These can take place in a park, at the beach, downtown, or in a subdivision. You can make races more interesting by adding obstacles and prizes for the winner. In an attempt to get even better, your children might start practicing on their own.

It’s important to keep your family active during the warm months. In doing so, you’ll encourage your children to stay active for the rest of their lives. And to keep their active lifestyles up once the summer rolls around, you can even enroll your children in an inexpensive camp where active play is incorporated into their daily schedules. You can find more ways to exercise as a family through Parents.com.

Fit Sheila